December 14, 2020



–  Expands WeClean’s Reach to Northern Counties and Businesses – 


NEW YORK CITY – WeClean of Manhattan and Executive Cleaning of Nanuet have merged. The combined company, resulting from the deal closed today, will continue to operate under both names and have an expanded geographic reach in the five boroughs of New York City and northern counties of Westchester and Rockland. The deal also expands WeClean’s client base beyond its current emphasis in the hospitality and restaurant industries to now include schools.


“This deal is an important step in the continued growth of WeClean. Our strength and client base has primarily been concentrated in the hospitality and restaurant businesses, but as 2020 and the pandemic impacted those industries, we decided to diversify and expand our services and our reach. This merger helps us achieve this – we are expanding our client base to include schools, in which Executive Cleaning has a strong market position, and our geographic reach into Westchester and Rockland Counties, which are strong commercial business hubs,” said David Cooperberg, President of WeClean. “It also brings our business back to its pre-pandemic levels, but on more a solid and broader footing. We are set up for a strong 2021 and beyond.”


WeClean did not furlough employees during the initial pandemic downturn, but instead paid them full salary and also established a fund for field workers to help provide key necessities including food and medicine. “Maintaining our team and providing them with an increased level of training and support is enabling us to hit the ground running and take full advantage of the broader geographic footprint and new business sectors this merger is providing us. We are already seeing great interest from prospects in these regions and sectors because of our expertise, proven track record and strong employee team,” added Sarah Abdelmeguid, WeClean’s Vice President of Business Development.


“We’re excited to be joining forces with a major industry leader like WeClean. Our clients will greatly benefit from their strong expertise in commercial cleaning and operations, and I’m looking forward to working with the new team and helping them expand into the schools/education sector, where we are well known,” said Cef Saiz, President of Executive Cleaning.


The newly merged WeClean will use WeClean’s office at 171 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016 as its headquarters. Its main phone number will be 212-951-7150.


WeClean is a full-service commercial cleaning company headquartered in Manhattan. With roots going back to 1949, WeClean offers a wide range of cleaning and disinfection services to commercial businesses in the five boroughs of New York City and Westchester and Rockland Counties.  Focusing on the hospitality, restaurant and education industries, its clients include locations of some of the world’s leading hotel chains and restaurant groups.