If you are in the restaurant business, you know how quickly cleaning practices can take a down-turn.  Our focus is to maintain and improve your restaurant standards to ensure the health and safety of your business.  After all, we understand the importance of a great customer service experience and what it means to the success and reputation of your operation.

Our client list comprises the top restaurant and hotel names in New York.  WeClean help restaurants and F&B operations ensure cleanliness of kitchens and dining areas as well preparing for health inspections.  We merge the power of training and skilled technicians and overnight technicians with the experience of using the appropriate chemicals and methods for each application.  We pride ourselves in cleaning efficiently and economically to health department standards to ensure your restaurant is compliant with all OSHA safety requirements.

We fully appreciate that your expectation is that we will live up to our name and the premises will be ultra clean once we are done.  At anytime you are dissatisfied with the job let us know immediately and we will make it right.  We monitor our work to ensure consistency and quality. Our goal is to provide you 5-Star service that you and your guests deserve.

Services (Back and Front of the House Service)

  • Clean/sanitize counter-tops and floor surfaces
  • Clean deep fryers
  • Empty, clean/sanitize trash receptacles
  • Empty, clean/sanitize appliances/machines and/or machinery
  • Clean grease traps
  • Clean ice machines
  • Clean hood filters, ovens, grills and ranges
  • Replace tin foil liners
  • Clean/sanitize floor mats
  • Clean/sanitize bars, bar stools, tabletops, chairs and booths
  • Clean/sanitize sinks, faucets and drink dispensers
  • Dispose of grease and oil correctly
  • Flush floor drains with drain cleaner
  • Wash/clean walls
  • Dish-washing
  • Prep cook – Clean/sanitize, prep and store all food, utensils and equipment
  • Clean/sanitize and replenish restaurant restrooms